Lesaffre is a company with strong roots, great heritage, and family essence. Their 360 contribution to the diverse industries that use yeast is a product of their warm and caring culture.

The concept does not just emphasize on the long history and rootage of Lesaffre that dates to 1853. It further expands on Lesaffre’s advancement and the use of latest technology this will be achieved through merging old style designs with modern trends, colors, 3d elements, and expressive animation/transitions throughout the UI and all elements.

The history of Lesaffre helped the team come up with the following theme and keywords.


This theme will drive our design, look and feel, and interactions throughout the entire process.

The experience is divided into 4 main scenes. Each scene focuses on one of the following activities and areas at Lesaffre. These are the factory, the baking center, and the office. The 4th scene is a general introduction scene that helps you navigate to one of the main areas.