BTech VR


BTECH’s virtual reality (VR) stores are an upgrade from BTECH’s megastores, where a small installation placed anywhere with no products can mimic a real store. Customers go inside and see the products up close and personal. They can compare them together and buy them on the spot. With the help of Bibo, the virtual assistant answering their inquiries, they are guided to purchase the product best suited for them.


Opening seasonal shops is difficult for companies with big products such as appliances. Moreover, it is usually very difficult to visualize size and space for customers.

Impact and Approach

Virtual reality pop up shop application that would display endless amount of products for customers in as small as 2.5m x 2.5m pop up shop.

User centric design of games targeting non-gamers and senior age groups.

Adjusting sizes of products before purchase to allow easier control